It’s voting day, and alas, you haven’t looked up the ballot measures or perhaps the candidates that are on your local ballot. Have no fear, this post combines a number of resources we have from a number of great leaders and politically smart minds across our state.

How to find your polling place: 

Find your voting precinct Georgia” in Google should pull up a Google powered app, but if that doesn’t work, you can also go to the Georgia Secretary of State’s office to look it up. Here’s the link!

Who should I vote for?

Red Clay Democrats have endorsed a slate of remarkable candidates here in Georgia, and as we are a state PAC we do not endorse on a national level. Below you will find the folks we have endorsed as part of this season, and please feel free to tweet any questions about our endorsement to @RedClayDems and we’ll work to answer any questions you may have. As always, we are the Red Clay Democrats and your support for all our party’s candidates is welcome!

Endorsed This Week: Tonya P. Anderson
Learn more about her campaign. Volunteer here.
Ballot Measures
From Stacey Abrams, our minority leader in the State House, here is a cheat sheet. She has a great write up that you can visit here to learn more about the amendments, including the Opportunity School District, supporting victims of human trafficking, judicial oversight, and funding for trauma care.
If you have trouble voting:
You can also call here: 404-906-7695
Where to watch election results:
Get out there and vote!