After candidate qualifying closes, Red Clay Democrats will select a group of candidates to support at the state and local level. As a state Political Action Committee, RCD does not participate in federal level contests. The Campaigns Committee will review proposed candidates and in some instances will act on its own to approach candidates for potential support. In the event that a member of the Red Clay Democrats Board of Directors or Board of Governors is a candidate, or is a current or potential vendor for a candidate, such member shall be recused from the selection process. Membership shall not preclude a candidate from Red Clay support. Red Clay Democrats is a PAC committed to supporting Democratic candidates and to being a cooperative and supportive actor in Georgia’s Democratic politics. As such, RCD will strive to avoid conflicts with other progressive and Democratic organizations in supporting candidates.


1 – Candidate/campaign requests endorsement from RCD by contacting RCD Campaigns Co-chairs, Board Chairman or President or RCD reaches out to candidate/campaign regarding endorsement.

2 – The RCD Campaigns Chair will respond and request that the candidate / campaign complete an initial questionnaire and return it within 1 week.

3 – Upon receiving the completed questionnaire, the RCD Campaigns Chair will share with the committee to review and vote on whether or not to grant an interview within 5 days. The RCD Campaigns Chair with email the committee letting them know the questionnaire is awaiting review.

4 – If an interview is granted, it will be conducted in-person with at least two members of the campaigns committee (three if a primary race). The campaign plan must be submitted to the interviewers at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled interview.

5 – A rubric will be completed evaluating the candidate interview and campaign plan and submitted to the committee within 48 hours. There will be a two-week hold on a recommendation to the board pending an opportunity for a primary opponent to request consideration for an endorsement.

6 – Campaigns Committee holds discussion and vote on whether or not to endorse. Quorum required is 70% of committee.

7 – Candidates who get a majority of support from the Campaigns Committee get forwarded to the full Board of Directors for final Endorsement vote. If a decision is reached with dissenting opinions, those who dissent have the option to include a written statement outlining their concerns with the committee’s recommendation.

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