A Watershed Moment in Georgia’s 6th Congressional

Newt Gingrich, Sen. Johnny Isakson, Tom Price…Jon Ossoff? Last night, Georgia’s 6th Congressional District made huge (YUGE!) strides in turning blue — with Democrat Jon Ossoff garnering over 48% percent of the vote and beating every other candidate in the jungle primary by a long-shot. With President Trump’s appointment of Representative Tom Price to head [...]

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Red Clay Alumus Profile: Howard Franklin

The short story is that RCD alumnus Howard Franklin (@iruncampaigns on Twitter and Instagram) is a regulatory affairs lobbyist and political gunslinger for Ohio River South. The fuller tale is that Howard is one of the most sought-after strategists in the American South. Splitting his time between the state capitol and campaign trail, Howard has advanced [...]

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Georgia Voting Day Resources

It's voting day, and alas, you haven't looked up the ballot measures or perhaps the candidates that are on your local ballot. Have no fear, this post combines a number of resources we have from a number of great leaders and politically smart minds across our state. How to find your polling place:  "Find your [...]

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Catch up on our Georgia DNC Speakers!

Some of you may have been busy, or some of you lucky folks are actually in Cleveland this week, but fortunately there are those of us that are totally hooked to the DNC and the love that's been shown for the Peach State. So, below you will find a collection of the videos we could [...]

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Red Clay has a new website!

Welcome to our new website. It was time to move on. While some aspects are still under development, we look forward to welcoming your perspectives. If you'd like to submit a guest post for the Red Clay Blog please feel free to email secretary@redclaydems.org to submit a piece. Thank you for visiting!

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